What We Believe

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What We Believe

You’re invited to ask hard questions

There are opinions and beliefs that have caused many divisions in the Christian church.

At Common Thread, we invite you to ask hard questions and to be honest about your understanding. We not only acknowledge but we actually expect that you may believe a little different than the person sitting next to you. We believe that we should respect our disagreements because they can help all of us grow.

We believe the bible to be a source of wisdom and to provide the foundation for our faith. The other issues…they are important, but they will not divide us!

So come with your questions and let’s dive in together.

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What We're Rooted In

We recognize that in a community not everyone has the same theological convictions, but we do believe growing in your own personal convictions is a part of the journey that God seeks in your life. Here are a few personal convictions of our leadership team.

We believe in God, the source of all life, wholeness, and love.

We believe that God is revealed in Jesus Christ.

We believe that in his life, Jesus reveals God in grace, mercy, forgiveness, and justice.

We believe that in his death, Jesus reveals God’s determined presence in the world even in the face of hatred, violence, and pain.

We believe that in his resurrection, Jesus reveals God calling us to abundant life both now and forever; life beyond our fearful and fragile imaginations.

We believe that God lives among us, within us, and through us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God moves us to be together in communities of faith, hope, and love.

We believe these things not out of certainty but out of faith; as one who trusts in the reality of God revealed in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.