Volunteer Opportunities

Building relationships and bettering community

In Revelation 21:5 we read that God is “making all things new” and we believe that his people are called to write that story with him through the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through our lives. Service is the way by which we carry out this mission both inside and outside the church.

Do I need to be a member to volunteer?

No! In fact, we always have multiple people in the community who’ve never set foot in our building. And that’s “a” okay with us. We simply want to see the love of Jesus spread to everyone we help.

What types of volunteer opportunities are there?

We help out with all sorts of organizations in our community. All year around, we help organizations like Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, and other non-profits.

Do you have an organization we should volunteer at? Let us know in the message section of the form.


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