Our Mission

Connecting people to Jesus and one another.


Our mission and values are all driven with our passion to invite you home. We recognize that many people have a disconnect when the words “home” and “church” are used together. It is our desire to deconstruct these words and more importantly the hurts and frustrations that these words may have brought into your life and reconnect you to the beauty of God’s grace and love that were always meant to be present in community.


Key Values

This will be demonstrated by providing resources and an atmosphere where everyone is challenged to change from where  they have been to become a closer version of who God wants them to become.

Invest in Others  
This will be demonstrated by our intentional time with each other and in our neighborhoods.

Give Generously 
This will be demonstrated by our active faith in the infinite generosity of God, by becoming givers rather than takers with our  time, energy, and resources.

Invite People to Join Us 
This will be demonstrated by our extra chair policy.  We will always have an extra chair that is not only open but that we are  urgently trying to fill.

This will be demonstrated by our intentional efforts through atmosphere, hospitality, and humility by recognizing God wants  everyone to feel like they belong in his home.