Our Mission

Our Mission

Key Values


Our mission and values are all driven by our passion to invite you home. We recognize there can be a disconnect between the words “home” and “church”. It is our desire to deconstruct these words and more importantly the hurts and frustrations that these words may have brought and reconnect you to the beauty of God’s grace and love that were always meant to be present in community.


This will be demonstrated by providing resources and an atmosphere where everyone is invited to discover their true identity and become the people they were always intended to be.


This will be demonstrated through our Table Groups where we spend intentional time together and serve our local neighborhoods; our Pods where we meet to take part in organised projects as well as in the ways we inspire each other in everyday acts of love and kindness.


This will be demonstrated by our active belief in the infinite generosity of God as we become givers rather than takers with our time, energy, and resources.


This will be demonstrated by our extra chair policy. We will always have an extra chair that is there as a symbolic witness of the welcome we extend.


This will be demonstrated as we create an atmosphere of hospitality and humility - recognizing God wants everyone to feel like they belong in his home.