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Inviting You Home

At Common Thread Church, it is our desire to help people come to know Jesus, each other and themselves at a deeper level. We are passionate about inviting you home as together we seek to rediscover our true identity and renew our right relationship with God.

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How can I get involved with Common Thread?

There are a number of ways you can get involved!

Check into the Zoom Room on a Sunday at 10am CST/4pm GMT

Visit Faithlife, our online communications tool for everything Common Thread!

Join a local table group

Attend a POD worship gathering in your area

For more information, visit Faithlife online, or email ryan@commonthread.church.

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I don’t live in any of the areas you’re based!

That’s OK! That’s the beauty of who we are. Our church isn’t limited by our geographical identity, we thrive on geographical diversity and we actively welcome new PODs.

If who we are connects with your story, you’re passionate about your faith and you have a vision for a new expression of church in your local community then why not join us? We offer the support and encouragement to equip you to start a POD and see Table Groups grow right where you are.

For more information on starting a POD, email ryan@commonthread.church

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Ready to Visit?

We would love to see you in our Zoom Room at 10am CST / 4pm GMT each Sunday

We can’t wait to meet you!