About Us

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Our name comes from our belief that everything was created through Jesus and that he is the Divine Force that holds everything together. God is a creator who values diversity, but in that diversity there is one thing that matters, one thing that unites, one thing that will truly restore creation and that is Christ. The Common Thread.  


Our hope is that the way we approach our faith may be a breath of fresh air for you; we want to be a community where all are welcome and challenged to live extravagant lives of purpose and love and a church that builds its rhythms in such a way that it meshes with the pace of our everyday lives.

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About Common Thread Church

We want our church to be a place of welcome where all can belong. 

We wrestle with language; we know that sometimes the words ‘church’ and ‘God’ put up barriers and don’t sit comfortably in our story - we’re ok with that, they’re just words.

We acknowledge that none of us have ‘the answers’, that there are no bad questions and that there are many things about being human that don’t make sense.

Together we talk, laugh, cry and stand by each other no matter what life asks of us.

A Community To Belong To

At Common Thread, we focus on things at the personal level. We are a place where everyone is known, everyone is needed and everyone is invited to be involved.

God always intended people to be in a relational community that seeks to welcome others.

We believe that everyone was created to use their God-given gifts to make a difference in this world and help create a better community for us all to live in.

Whatever you’ve experienced about church in the past, we encourage you to connect with us and to experience God in a whole new way.