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Inviting You Home
A deeply relational global community
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Re-Imagining Church

Common Thread is a network of Jesus-centred communities that are seeking to be ‘church.’ We are currently located in Central Arkansas and Peterborough UK and meet together on Zoom weekly. Our relational communities - or PODs - seek to bring people together to share life, grow in faith and serve those around them.

Each POD has a number of table groups where we encourage relationships to grow and members to be active in their community using their talents and time to serve and welcome others.

Our Table Groups also meet regularly as a POD to encourage and support each other.

Alongside this we have an online community that uses an app called Faithlife. This connects PODs, people and Table Groups across the globe.

Faithlife can be accessed via desktop or mobile app and allows those who associate with Common Thread 24/7 encouragement, inspiration and prayer support. It is a place for fun and friendship allowing for discussion, growth and prayer.

Faithlife is the engine room of Common Thread, set at the heart of who we are and it is our place to connect and belong.

At Common Thread we invite you to come as you are, find a Christian community where you belong and begin to discover your true identity.

I'm New Here

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Jesus is the Common Thread

We all come from different walks of life. We’ve encountered different people, situations, and experiences - many of which have caused us to develop certain beliefs about this life that we hold very sacred.

Sometimes our varying beliefs can cause division and keep us from growing in relationship with each other.

At Common Thread we are committed to turning our various beliefs and opinions into a strength. We believe that Jesus is the Common Thread that holds us all together and that through Him, our differences can be used to help each other grow.

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Come As You Are

You are welcome here.

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Who is this church for?

Those who are searching for more...

Those who are looking for a place to belong…

Those who want to wrestle with who they are and why they’re here...

Those who struggle with their experience of church but aren't ready to give up...

Our church seeks to create a safe space where everyone is welcome. It is for anyone who wants to connect more deeply with themselves, others and the divine and a place where we hope all will find identity and purpose.